Aggers’s Sprinkler Dance After England Win The Ashes 2010/11

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25 Responses to “Aggers’s Sprinkler Dance After England Win The Ashes 2010/11”

  1. cgd8813 Says:

    @thesparrow14 Rather be self righteous than a plain fucking moron

  2. freestylepigeon Says:

    @thesparrow14 es the voice of test match radio my friend – legend

  3. maxlogica Says:

    Aussies can whinge with the best of them when they are losing….as shown by this video!! miserable git aussie cameraman!

  4. miblodelcarpio Says:

    @thesparrow14 Gives a what? If you don’t give a shit about a thing, it’d be wise not to bother watching videos about it.

  5. thesparrow14 Says:

    Why does this self righteous buffoon think any gives a sh*t about what he does?

  6. truthoutmedia Says:

    Yeah, I noticed that. A typical miserable, whinging Aussie! Throwing his toys out of the pram because they lost

  7. zZUnofficialGhostZz Says:

    @agramsci Just realised something else, the US dominated basketball at the olympics till 68′ after that they struggled to win the gold in a sport that is mainly played in the US only (at that time), sometimes not even placing in the medals, then suprise suprise the US starts to campaign for professional NBA players to be allowed to take part, even thought all other events had to have amatures only. Says alot really, the US hated getting beat at their own game so they had to call for pro’s

  8. zZUnofficialGhostZz Says:

    @agramsci of all those other countries that you mentioned, only Japan are actually serious about it, everyone else is like the UK, it’s ok but not really a sport, you don’t exactly need to be fit to play it. Anyway, yous lot call your baseball trophy the ‘world series’ yet only US and 2 Canadian teams play for it. If you want the world to take your sport seriously, then allow other nations baseball teams compete for this world series.

  9. MrSinister1979 Says:

    @agramsci I love that we still call them Convicts after all this time – I especially like the song the Barmy Army do to the tune of “Yellow Submarine” (“You all live in a convict colony, a convict colony, a convict colony!”). I also thought it was a hoot when they sang “God Save YOUR Queen” at the Aussie fans. That really must have pissed them off 🙂

  10. uptheglassboys Says:

    quality aggers better than your batting

  11. kamelion7 Says:

    Someone must have left the fucking sprinkler on judging by the state of Melbourne at the minute!! Thank fuck the ashes came home to England…they’d have got fucking soaked!!!! 🙂

  12. agramsci Says:

    @MrSinister1979 England, naturally. I love England–but even if I didn’t, I can’t abide Mitchell C***ing Johnson and the Convicts.

  13. MrSinister1979 Says:

    @agramsci That’s pretty cool. Who did you want to win the Ashes? 🙂

  14. agramsci Says:

    @MrSinister1979 No harm done. Loads of Americans claim to find base boring as well.

    I live in New Orleans and we actually have 4 cricket clubs here.

  15. MrSinister1979 Says:

    @agramsci I stand corrected, then 🙂 I just get so irritated when people describe cricket as boring, when it really, really isn’t. And this is coming from a person who has never really considered sport a driving force in his life, so that should tell you something about how much it has affected me.

  16. agramsci Says:

    @MrSinister1979 I love cricket–I’m a yank–and I play it. I’m actually obsessed with the game, and I do prefer it to base. But…it’s quite narrow-minded to say that only the USA considers baseball mainstream, when Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Panama, Canada, Holland, Australia…well, I don’t need to go on…play the sport and play it passionately. Be fair, mate. Oh, and Aggers is brilliant!

  17. maxlogica Says:

    Can’t believe public school educated Aggers did this!!

  18. kentzer135 Says:

    lol the poor bad loosing aussie thinks hes smart by trying to do one over on aggers lol, short answer to him is aggers will be more then happy to do it again in 4 years when we win, again lol

  19. kentzer135 Says:

    lol the poor bad loosing aussie thinks hes smart by trying to do one over on aggers lol, short answer to him is aggers will be more then happy to do it again in 4 years when we win AGAIN lol

  20. MrSinister1979 Says:

    @ftmb73 Baseball is a real sport? Really? Why, then, does only the USA consider it mainstream? Cricket, on the other hand, is played by a vastly superior number of people around the world, with baseball being relegated to obscure imported satellite/cable channels. Yeah. I’ll take watching an exciting, nail-biting five-day Test match over a boring baseball game any day of the frickin’ week…

  21. maxlogica Says:

    What a grumpy old sod that aussie cameraman who came up and mumbled some nonsense straight after…this was just aggers being a good sport and fulfilling his promise to do the dance , a bit of lighthearted fun.

    On the bbc website you can hear him say ‘ that was pathetic, try again in 4 years you muppet’…..

    That is such a bizarre thing to say just moments after a victory….the aussie bloke had a sense of humour malfunction.

  22. miblodelcarpio Says:

    @karlcurtis10 Oh, I know you weren’t, Karl. You can’t hear him so clearly on this video, so hopefully you’ll prefer it. I made those subtitles from transcribing the BBC video, but they can be turned off if you only want the dance. Incidentally, the stuff about there being “ten seconds’ worth” at 0:26 can’t be heard on the BBC video, so I didn’t bother transcribing it.

  23. karlcurtis10 Says:

    Wasnt moaning at you miblodcarpio(unless of course you are the yellow bib wearing photographer). I was having a go at the bloke in the bib. I thought Aggers was great and the guy in yellow was just a prat!!!

  24. ryko26 Says:

    NINE people don’t like this? Youtube makes me want to weep sometimes.

    Well done Aggers!

  25. paranormalrecording1 Says:

    type in paranal activity and watch the vid lol