Ashes 2010: Mitchell Johnson and his 6 wickets against England

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25 Responses to “Ashes 2010: Mitchell Johnson and his 6 wickets against England”

  1. bognia18456 Says:

    WHEYY they actually managed to get cook out!!

  2. flipsidedogchop Says:

    Yea he had a great series

    ….he bowls to the left
    he bowls to the riiiight
    that mitchell johnson
    his bowling is shite….

  3. TheLegofilm Says:

    1:50 i cant belive the umpirer did not give it out

  4. mchammer1231 Says:

    thats right!!! go australia!!!! mitchell johnson is a a legend! makes me proud to be an aussie! and on my home pitch go Perth! I reckon perth doesn’t get enough recognition

  5. thetomtyke Says:

    @TheDLPVideos Who mentioned convicts? You’ve obviously got a bit of a complex about that. No need to start crying though, get mummy to kiss it better. And daddy. And your sister, uncle…

  6. Equinoxmies Says:

    MAGIC JOHNSON!!!!! Unbeleivable bowling.

  7. TakerBatistaHBK Says:

    @Crkt4Eva Well because Australian Bowlers are struggling so much, the groundsman are leaving a lot of grass on the wicket, I think your right though

  8. Crkt4Eva Says:

    @TakerBatistaHBK – Infact, with that being said, was there any stump(s) actually uprooted from the ground in the recent T20/ODI series between Eng/Oz!?

    In the ’09 Twenty20 World Cup most of the stumps seemed to be flying out the ground (like knowbodys business), i reckon the groundsmen watered the stump holes prior to the matches in that tournament to make them easier to uproot from the ground holes when hit by the ball…

  9. Crkt4Eva Says:

    @TakerBatistaHBK – YES, there was more than one bowled dismisal for M. Johnson & for other bowlers in this Ashes series as a whole but my point is this, – as far as i know, there was only the one time which involved an actual stump uprooted out the ground (@ 3:06) in The Ashes 10/11 series!

  10. TakerBatistaHBK Says:

    @Crkt4Eva do you mean just for mitchell? Or the whole series, cause there were loads in the whole series

  11. TheDLPVideos Says:

    @thetomtyke Us ‘convicts’ are very pleased we didn’t inherit your sense of humour, you are a blight on English humour in general, which generally is absolutely hysterical. Intelligent, well I don’t think that would apply to you either, as much as you would like to hope so. And inbreeding? Considering all the convicts that have came from England, wouldn’t the problem have started there?

  12. thetomtyke Says:

    @TheDLPVideos You’ve confused yourself, also, why would you suggest I played for England? If you did know what I meant when I said “we” surely that’d just be silly of you. Perhaps your sarcasm just doesn’t work? Here, I’ll help you. Australians are funny, intelligent and would never dream of inbreeding. Not.

  13. TheDLPVideos Says:

    @thetomtyke Man, you have no idea. Of course, I was being sarcastic in my initial post about you playing for England. I know what you meant when you said “we”, that’s where I was being sarcastic when I said you were playing for England. Obviously you didn’t “grasp” that piece of sarcasm. Idiot.

  14. thetomtyke Says:

    @TheDLPVideos Again I fear your grasp of the English language is letting you down, you might need to look up the definition of sarcasm, unless of course you were suggesting that I do indeed play for England. Perhaps you would like to just try making “not” jokes until you get the hang of it?

  15. TheDLPVideos Says:

    @thetomtyke “I” was being sarcastic mate. Thank you, its the first astute thing I have ever said 😉

  16. thetomtyke Says:

    @TheDLPVideos You are very astute in your observation that I don’t play for England, clearly however your grasp of the English language isn’t as strong as your powers of deduction. The “we” I was making reference to is England as a cricketing nation, players and fans alike, however I’d like to think that “we” now extends to anybody who has even heard of the game of cricket, or even isolated tribes in the Amazon rainforest. Collectively we can all get together and laugh at “you”.

  17. TheDLPVideos Says:

    @thetomtyke What do you mean we’re terrified? Your obviously not playing for England you great dud

  18. Crkt4Eva Says:

    3:06 – As far as i know, M.Johnson bowling C.Tremlett was the only bowled dismissal where a stump(s) was actualy knocked out the ground in the Ashes 10/11 series.

  19. chrisisawseomo Says:

    was this the match before the australian boxing day match.

  20. CoolStoryBrosauce Says:

    Love it. He needs to stand the seam up consistently and do swing the ball down the line like this more often. When he bowls like this, there’s nothing anyone can do about it.

  21. monhimma Says:

    “He bowls to the left, he bowls to the right,

    That Mitchell Johnson, his bowling is shite”

  22. sammystephen Says:

    great banter from mitchell. shame tony grieg u faggot u were wrong twice in this clip

  23. thetomtyke Says:

    @SwitchfootFan47 He’s not going to be an international cricket for much longer. Although you don’t have much else! Wonder if you can try and get all five tests at Perth next time?

  24. SwitchfootFan47 Says:

    @thetomtyke you forgot to mention he’s an international cricketer and your just a nobody making shit comments on youtube.

  25. thetomtyke Says:

    He bowls to the left, he bowls to the right, that Mitchell Johnson, his bowling is shite.

    Complete joke of a player! 6 wickets in one innings and 5 in four others! 11-386. Please keep picking him, we’re terrified.