Ashes 2010 – Ponting v Umpire (Possible Pietersen Wicket)

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25 Responses to “Ashes 2010 – Ponting v Umpire (Possible Pietersen Wicket)”

  1. bsv1425 Says:

    aussie are bad sport and ponting is the leader. THE BIGGEST LOSER.

  2. saifullahraza Says:

    @strangergoat learn something first and then learn again.

  3. coventrydavid Says:

    @strangergoat if you were there, you would have seen (as the TV replays showed) that Kevin Pietersen did not walk and didn’t take his gloves off, instead stepping back, and then shaking his head to the umpire. I don’t think he knew.

  4. MrDeucelow Says:

    I’m all for the DRS, especially here in Australia. Over the years the home team has received the overwhelming majority of questionable decisions in their favour. Warne and McGrath were terrific bowlers, but their excellent statistics were aided by who knows how many questionable or just plain wrong decisions. Andrew Strauss received so many dusty decisions here in 2006, he went on to be dropped from the test team altogether.
    Thankfully, the days of Australia chiselling guys out is over.

  5. coventrydavid Says:

    Snicko didn’t show up anything, and as a batsman sometimes you generally don’t know when you’ve nicked the ball.

    The URS is a good thing in general, it just means that completely obvious wrong decisions are eliminated from the game.

    As for checking no balls on a wicket, why shouldn’t the umpries do that. Technology has been used in cricket for a long time, with run outs and stumpings, as well as checking if the ball has gone to the boundary, when fielders slide over the boundary rope.

  6. calvingmail Says:


    The stumped picked up Harbhajan telling “Madarchod” which means motherfucker which Symmonds probably was anyways. But the asshole Aussies took this and said it sounded like “Monkey”…

  7. Menzo20 Says:

    @calvingmail There’s a distinction between ‘sledging/abusing’ and racial vilification. I can’t speak on behalf of the Australian cricket team, but there is no proof of any racist comments from the Aussie cricketers. There was blatant proof that Singh said what he said i.e. audio from stump cam, yet he got off. The point of my comment was not this though, it was just to say that I don’t think your statement was entirely correct. My guess is Symonds is far more successful than you :).

  8. tiannahisawesome Says:

    contd .. My major problem is the Umpire being able to check for no-balls after a wicket is taken, that is ridiculous! As Mark Taylor said, if it wasnt a wicket, no one would have bothered checking if it was a no-ball .. Maybe player reviews are ok, but definately not the Umpire .. just my opinion 🙂

  9. tiannahisawesome Says:

    @strangergoat Okay, thanks for your reply! 🙂 I agree with you in regard to the review system, I think it’s like if you dont want the Umpire’s decision to count, you dont have to accept it .. you knnow what I mean? You can make your own call, as to what you think.

  10. strangergoat Says:

    @tiannahisawesome judging by the batsman’s response, i’m sure he thought he was out. and that’s enough for me to be pretty sure he was – as the batsman, you’d know if you nicked it or not, surely. still, umpire said out, so he’s out. I have massive issues with the review system – i feel like it encourages players to argue with the umpire’s decision.

  11. tiannahisawesome Says:

    @strangergoat So he was out you think? And the Umpire was wrong, but Ricky shouldnt have argued with him .. Just wanting to know if you think he was out or not 🙂

  12. calvingmail Says:


    Aussies complaining about anybody sledging/abusing them is a joke. They are the masters of abuse and filth. Symmonds is a stupid monkey and chimpanzee…He is a huge cry baby.

  13. Menzo20 Says:

    @calvingmail You mean like when Harbhajan Singh got banned and then the Indian board threatened to abandon the tour until he was reinstated and allowed to play again with only a 50% match fee reduction despite racially abusing Symonds proof of which was captured on the stump mic? If so, then you’re absolutely correct. 🙂

  14. strangergoat Says:

    i was there – pietersen started to walk – he had his gloves half off. it was a bs decision. but everyone knows you shouldn’t fight with the umpire.

  15. Keldorn87 Says:

    Ponting is a class act with the bat, and will go down as a legend of the game. It’s just a pity that sometimes he doesnt think with his head, and does these very cringeworthy things. 40% was appauling, really- I think if Aleem Dar wasnt such a good sport and nice guy, Ponting would have faced a 100% match fine. I doubt they’d give him a match ban, not in an ashes series, would be unheard of.

  16. SuperSclements Says:

    Think Ponting regretted this as should the whole Aussie team, now they have been thrashed in thier own back yard a bit of humility wouldn’t go amiss, only experiencing what england have been going through in the past. Ponting still one of the greatest batsman of his generation………….but his time at test level is over………

  17. katapila Says:

    @calvingmail You are joking aren’t you? Afridi eats a cricket ball on live tv and he gets a 2 match ban. The pakistanis are the biggest cheats in world cricket. But what can the players really do when the entire PCB is corrupt?

  18. Antipodeano Says:

    That is without doubt one of the worst onfield spectacles i have ever seen in test cricket and Ponting should have got at least a 1 match ban – karma got him though ;o) I wont remember what a great batsman – I remember him as the self appointed champion of the spirit of cricket – he’d take half a handful of dirt with the ball and claim a catch that dirty little cheat. It was obvious from Pietersen’s demeanour that he hadn’t hit the ball. Bye Bye Ponting and good riddance.

  19. jiteshkris Says:

    What a sore loser.. quite some incidents where they have resorted to such behavior.. 40% fees docked.. that’s a sham!!! Pointing is on his way down.. as much as I admire him, he is anything but a gentleman!!!

  20. tomi1990 Says:

    @damnedvideonasty Well that’s not true… Your PM is a woman. Enjoy watching your economy crumble you dirty thieving bastard.

  21. damnedvideonasty Says:

    buddy … you don’t own jack shit … you’re broke!!!! Hahaha … enjoy the (even) lower living standard…..

  22. 28Dharm Says:

    If Cricket happens to lose the tag ‘The ‘Gentlemen’s Game’, this Ponting-led Aus team might be the biggest culprits for it. Just watch Ponting’s expressions, his persistent arguments/queries with the umpire and Siddle’s gamely support to his skipper, not to forget Haddin, the wicket-beggar, who does not seem to know why he is appealing!!! Can you imagine our own MSD arguing with the umpire in such manner and escaping without a match ban?

  23. lsbrother Says:

    that is at least partly the umpires fault – he’s not there to argue or explain. He should have just said ‘ball didn’t hit the bat – not out’ and walked away.

  24. pintofshite Says:

    no where near

  25. rjlives Says:

    aussie aussie aussie oi oi oi – Indian Aussie 🙂