England sprinkler celebs

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25 Responses to “England sprinkler celebs”

  1. Syrett Channel Says:

    Possibly the worst, toe-curling celebration ever? An Englishman.

  2. Benjamin JV McMahon Says:

    Swanny was a good cricketer and despite his 255 wickets in only 60 tests,
    he will be more remembered for his lively and funny personality as this
    Sprinkler dance demonstrates… England will sorely miss him and will thank
    him for helping England reach 3 successive Ashes series victories and claim
    World no.1 test nation in 2010/11. Also helped Australia to remember what
    hunger for victory feels like having formally been so dominant for so

  3. xDELFYonceagain Says:

    Cocky bastards, good to see them get smashed.

  4. MrTimmyCahill Says:

    aaaand it comes back to bite them in the butt

  5. James Page Says:

    Bit embarrassing.
    Especially in hindsight. England have arses handed to them in 2013/14 and
    what does Swanny do mid-tour. Retire.

  6. lilbennyt Says:

    where are the sprinklers now? hhehehehheheehe go johnson

  7. m20newell Says:

    The reason the English are the BEST!!!!!!!!

  8. simplygaffney1 Says:

    Cricket is gay

  9. Ady Ingrey Says:

    adrian ingrey is loving this video!!!!!

  10. 107ii Says:

    Im Australian but this was funny!

  11. Clon Beg Says:

    For catching and striking skills look at Hurling fastest field game on
    earth Enjoy!

  12. limey157 Says:

    @RileyHanrahan We haven’t forgotten, it just doesn’t matter. We have now
    won three of the last four series. Australia are done.

  13. SanctumStudios Says:

    @HolteEnder85 nope, your about 10 years behind with that too.

  14. lKeeno Says:

    107 Aussies Disliked this video

  15. Zola Says:

    India will thrash England and Australia. England are such an arrogant lot
    and think they are better than they actually are after beating a below
    average Australia side. The Aussies were missing Adam Gilchrist, Shane
    Warne, Glenn McGrath and Matthew Hayden.

  16. Tazwegian Says:

    @angusstan you think you’re cool with your lack of punctuation and ability
    to spell.

  17. nabilion Says:

    @adrianburns93 okay you just proven that you are an idiot. Why make an
    opinion on a sport that you know nothing about then? Cricket has a twenty
    twenty format but I guess you are too much of an idiot to know that.

  18. asddi1 Says:

    some people have to let there teams down by bitchin an insulted other
    peoples man hoods.. if a team wins supporters should be allowed to praise
    there team with out bein insulted by other coutries, that are not doin so
    well right now. a true fan supports there team whether the result is win
    lose or draw..roll on summer 2011 at edgbaston. where i will be supportin
    my team next to my indian friend who will be proudly supportin her
    country… some people need to grow up an enjoy sport

  19. quogequox Says:

    I reckon that looks pretty dumb, but hey you guys won, you get to celebrate
    however you want.

  20. HolteEnder85 Says:

    @SanctumStudios no we copied it and took it global.

  21. wozzup Says:


  22. nabilion Says:

    @mickbelfast if cricket isn’t the 2nd most popular sport in the world then
    what is?

  23. Cloress1 Says:

    This is a fact, I’m not a “member” of the Barmy Army, yet I live in Cardiff
    and got tickets to the first Aussie match played outside England ever.
    Unfortunately it was a shit wicket, yet Australia dominated, I think
    Ponting got 150+ but the groundsman needs to understand, its not test
    standard at all. We survived because the pitch was so flat. The Barmy Army
    were astonishing though, rain or shine…. unbelievable. I’d love to win a
    million and just follow England for the rest of my life.

  24. kingi6030 Says:


  25. stellen11 Says:

    England’s new national sport = shitting all over australia. HAHA. Roll on
    2013 and another flogging for the worhless aussies.