England was standing on the verge of a shocking win in Abu Dhabi

England was standing on the verge of a shocking win in Abu Dhabi before bad light came into play and spoilt the party for them.

It was a classic example of how quickly things change in the test matches in subcontinent.

At the completion of the 4th day, nobody would have foreseen that game producing a result.

But, what unfolded the day after just showed everyone what test Cricket means.

It’s about patience and skill. You’ve got to play well every single session or you would slip down.

Pakistan just had a couple of poor sessions with the bat and they were in serious danger of a defeat.

Some poor shot selections had almost cost them the test match there.

However, this is not to take any credit away from the English bowlers especially Adil Rashid who was playing his first test match and was taken to the cleaners by the Pakistanis in the first innings.

Still, when he came on to bowl on the final day, he was looping the ball, was tempting the batsman to try and go after him and that was remarkable for a debutant.

Moeen Ali too was pretty good and James Anderson, as always, was there with early breakthroughs with the new ball.

From England’s point of view, they might not have won the game, but, they would not be disappointed.

They were not rated to play this well in those conditions. But, they sent a clear message outside that with the young side that they have got, they can push Pakistan in this series.

And, the Pakistanis would be wary of that as well now.

The second test match is to be played in Dubai where the ball might spin a little bit more. So, England’s job will be a little tougher, but, they have potential and they would not let it be a one sided affair, that’s for sure.

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