Hugh Jackman v Shane Warne (2010 Ashes)

Video clip Rating: four / 5

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22 Responses to “Hugh Jackman v Shane Warne (2010 Ashes)”

  1. TheManSteggles Says:

    @wankercs Hilfenhaus doesn’t bat this well.

  2. Aheadstix85 Says:

    @crick3thighlights Thats all you poms have to bragg about, you forget our 24 years of dominance and unbeaten record, so forgive us for being a lil out of form, whats your excuse?!.

  3. Angaraman Says:

    Anonymous can bowl like a beast….

  4. wankercs Says:

    @tiannahisawesome Lol, mate. it’s Just how similar Hilfy looks to jackman! and Hilfy definitely can’t bat as well as Jackman did! 😉

  5. tiannahisawesome Says:

    @wankercs Ooo I’ll have to say I watched it live and it’s definately Hugh Jackman! =] Besides, Hilfy doesnt have a beard! LOL!

  6. wankercs Says:

    Is this really hugh jackman? or ben hifenhaus used as a body double 😉 ?

  7. senoralki Says:

    @JustANobodyz He says at the end that he shouldn’t have been wearing boxers … no mention of a cup?

  8. adi87tya Says:

    obviously warne wasn’t trying too hard — that flipper would have been really quick otherwise.

  9. adi87tya Says:

    get him in the team for sydney!!

  10. angela1498 Says:

    Great to watch the boys having a bit of fun. Didn’t you hear Hugh say “don’t wear boxers when you’re playing cricket” that was why he needed to readjust

  11. JustANobodyz Says:


    LOL, I was thinking the same thing for a moment.. Or that he was just REALLY huge.. >.< But it has to be the cup, because if that ball hit him without a cup he would have been on the ground, they throw them things hard. Must have been too big for him and he has to keep re-adjusting.

  12. senoralki Says:

    Doesn’t anyone else notice that Wolverine has WOOD the entire ‘match’???

    That ball hit him in the stomach, not the chest by the way.

  13. nonamechannel Says:

    @5:58 Shane is great! Even though shane calls it as “Flipper” Jackman can’t even touch the ball! What a great bowler?

  14. ttabcecilia Says:

    My wolverine

  15. 1137moiz Says:

    Haha this is how we play in the nets too…we set a “hypothetical field”,hit and judge the shots like Taylor did 😛
    Jackman can play, btw, some great shots.

  16. tiannahisawesome Says:

    @crick3thighlights Don’t even get me started! lol 🙂 It all went down hill with Watsons two near-misses and then his Wicket… they didnt get off to a very good start! Then Siddle getting more runs than Ponting, wth? Oh well, Englands obviously the better team at the moment .. so may the best team win 🙂

  17. crick3thighlights Says:

    maybe hugh should of been in the Australian batting line-up. that way Australia might of actually been able to pass 100…

  18. Tubbs888 Says:

    Slice and dice, Wolverine!

  19. Southkona Says:

    autschn.. this must have hurt.. But he made a quite good figure..

  20. pommyadam Says:

    hugh jackman looks a lot better than that 98 crop

  21. KakkyDaKhrrak Says:

    That’s why he is my favorite actor.

  22. Justapaddler Says:

    Awesome work Hugh this was a great segment!