Kevin Pietersen 227 Vs Australia 2nd Test Ashes 2010-11 HD

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18 Responses to “Kevin Pietersen 227 Vs Australia 2nd Test Ashes 2010-11 HD”

  1. fred west Says:

    What a brainless prick Pieterson is . No idea of how to bat in a pressure
    situation and throws his wicket away yet again. Way out of his depth,
    euthanasia time has arrived.

  2. mwhite4324 Says:

    Shame we won’t see this bloke again.

  3. Danny McCall Says:

    2:22 – great minds think alike right guys?

  4. waseem ahamed Says:

    fucking england drop their best ever we have to put up with
    fuckin boring players of england..shame on u england for dropping kp

  5. Gary Sharky Says:

    4.42 an over – more than twice the amount the ECB are comfortable with, and
    twice what Cook is capable of. No wonder they dropped him :p

  6. Joseph Bassinder Says:

    Cricket legend

  7. binu samuel Says:

    And you will never see such innings from him again. What a shame!!!!

  8. Chris Booth Says:

    Same again tomorrow, cheers kev.

  9. George Hayes Says:

    3:27 Enough said

  10. ali ebrahim Says:

    what a hypocrite kp is. he tweeted to say if he nicked he would walk!
    strange coming from him considering that he was quoted in a national
    newspaper he supported stuart broad for not walking after broad nicked and
    the umpire did not give it out in the recent ashe game. a traitor too for
    turning his back on the country f his birth huh!

  11. Adam Conroy Says:

    Adam Geoffrey Michael Conroy IQ 141

  12. Ben Wardrop Says:

    Kps bat in the ashes to the Aussies = You’re gonna have a bad time

  13. sandeep singh Says:


  14. paul franks Says:

    how many times has KP given away his wicket in search of quick runs FOR HIS
    TEAM. People call him selfish but he’d be averaging 60+ if he was. Great
    viewing for us poms

  15. manjojuice Says:

    This is probably the stupidest comment you could have made. He supported
    Stuart Broad because it’s Broad’s personal choice not to walk and doesn’t
    deserve the heavy criticism he was receiving from the media as many players
    choose not to walk sometimes, including the great Sachin Tendulkar. KP in
    his tweet was talking about the choice he personally would have made. Thus,
    making you stupid and him not a hypocrite. Also stop making irrelevant
    comments on such videos and admire the cricket played.

  16. robochimp143 Says:

    oh yes! I’ve been looking for this for ages! thanks man!

  17. Chris Vaughan Says:

    yesssss, another onslaught by kelps, see you in august 2013 for the replay.
    aussies are gna get battered this year #differentclass

  18. arshdeep hara Says:

    U just never get tired watching him. Period!