Kevin Pietersen on the Ashes 2010

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8 Responses to “Kevin Pietersen on the Ashes 2010”

  1. karlvorderman Says:

    Check out the book ‘The Ashes, 1945-2005, A Complete Record’ by Tony Wagtar.

  2. ilovemusic27rachel Says:

    @HeavyVerbzz he doesnt!!

  3. 75goodies Says:

    Nice English accent he’s got now, lol x Enjoying the Ashes and getting no sleep lol

  4. 131pavel Says:

    I think it would be in order for you to eat your words now.

  5. Angelshadowmgo Says:

    I beg to differ, when you get an average of 50 in test cricket, 18 test tons, and achieve the number 1 rank in ODI’s for a few months get back to me

  6. HeavyVerbzz Says:

    pietersen sux……

  7. jonesy1111111111 Says:


  8. firstspar Says:

    1st LULz