Mitchell Johnson 6/38 Vs England – Ashes 2010-11

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7 Responses to “Mitchell Johnson 6/38 Vs England – Ashes 2010-11”

  1. ShadowNeonKid Says:

    Ponting was pretty smart to review the Collingwood one because it looked like Johnson was saying no

  2. MrAwesomedude1000 Says:

    @Hirdy003 And Ryan Harris bowled well this same test. 6 wickets to him too!

  3. Crkt4Eva Says:

    4:18 – As far as i know, M.Johnson bowling C.Tremlett was the only bowled dismissal where a stump(s) was actual knocked out the ground in the Ashes 10/11 series.

  4. Hirdy003 Says:

    @tommos1 and Siddle’s Hatrick and thats bout it lol horrible summer for the aussies in the Test Matches anyway

  5. tommos1 Says:

    only highlight for the aussies this summer.

  6. chintuyahoo Says:

    stop bugging Rob. He has had enough of u donkey

  7. ACDCMelbourne2010 Says: