Mitchell Johnson vs Kevin Pietersen ***FIGHT**** Ashes 2013/14 (HD)

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25 Responses to “Mitchell Johnson vs Kevin Pietersen ***FIGHT**** Ashes 2013/14 (HD)”

  1. Rohini Kap Says:

    thumbs up if you think convict players only play well in australi and
    south africa?…india owns world cricket

  2. Wolfgang Von Poserkila Says:

    He should have told him to take his dick duster beard and go fuck himself

  3. Biggyfootrules Says:

    Everyone is mad that this tactic worked. and the thing is, it never got
    racist nor over the line of abuse. Aussies play hard aggressive cricket and
    they don’t back down. don’t like it, don’t play them.

  4. Bruce Mj Says:

    wtf how about u learn to understand english

  5. maverick buckley Says:

    +Christian Shannahan
    Bollocks, im English but even i would say the Aussies are an eternally
    class act, even when theyre shite theyre still ok. India better than Aus?
    We just nailed India to the cross. I think alot of teams are at an in
    between stage in world cricket right now.

  6. amran khan Says:

    Pietersen is good ok,,but mit is bad

  7. Timothy Kovacs Says:

    stupid KP he thinks hes the best ever 

  8. Rahul S.K Says:

    we love you both john and k.p.. ashes rocks

  9. Bruce Mj Says:

    johnsons a cunt, shave tht dirty sanchez off u faggot, u get one wkt and ur
    ab medalist, acb & icc r fkd up

  10. Stone Afghan Says:

    nice job KP

  11. 3chel3 Says:

    Weird test series.
    All the pundits thought the Aussies would be lucky to win one test match
    On paper England were the better side, at the start of the series, and had
    stuffed the Aussies only a few months ago????
    Not one England front line batsman has got any major runs in the first
    innings in all the matches……..freaky.

  12. Tony Longpipes Says:

    Can’t believe we sacked KP

  13. Bruce Lee Says:

    cricket is sooo gay hahahaha. sausage fest

  14. waseem ahamed Says:

    johnson fucking convict fuck u ll ..fucking wanker ..aussies are
    racist..for sure

  15. Christian Shannahan Says:

    I laugh at people who are saying iNDIA and SA are better teams than
    Australia and leagues ahad of them. You know nothing of the match fixing
    and corruption that India and SA have been involved in. 

  16. Benjamen Meiers Says:

    “KP seeing the funny side”… of losing in a white-wash and getting dumped
    from international cricket.

  17. Beaujangles McJiggle Says:

    Even the poms got jack of the jackass…. KP got Mitch wanting blood, bet
    all the boys in the dressing room were real happy with that. MITCHSLAP!!

  18. mantaray2511 Says:

    I haven’t seen a more kiss-ass commie than Mark Nicholas. Place of
    residence ? Up every Aussie’s butt !

  19. TheDark Knut Says:

    are eng n aus playing cricket?!? They are such a disgrace and an insult to
    the game!! Look how gently but at the same time aggresively Ind and SA are
    playing at the other part of the world! Oz’s disgusting! 

  20. Aiden Lee Says:


  21. Sam Grimshaw Says:

    Listen to all these fairy fuckers crying, ‘oh, you’ve tainted the game!’,
    ‘oz is disgusting!’; let me be the first to say – you and your political
    correctness can Fuck Off back to your bullshit world of pixie dust and
    magical rainbows. This is the real world, supremacy is fought for, not
    handed over willingly. You’ll learn this in time, best for you it’s not
    too late.

  22. waseem ahamed Says:

    michel johnson is only an average bowler he did well only in this series
    ..he xant be compared to someone like waqar,akram,magrath abd ambrose and
    other greats..he wint be consitent as the greats of cricket are..he and
    kohli are two shif cricketers who have attitude probs

  23. wickedsunny2011 Says:

    Jonson with that mustache looks like someone from the old western movies…
    It suits him though..

  24. Raju suresh Says:

    Very good…

  25. Kyber Ooss Says:

    I’m an England Fan but boy oh boy do I raise my hand and say well done Aus.
    You have completely taken our team apart during this series. Literally.
    Nice come back from the last few series losses.