Shane Warne – cricket hero

Shane Warne is probably better known throughout the world for being one of the best cricketers of all time. The Australian’s bowling skills have made him famous and his career has spanned time with the Australian National Cricket Team, the Australian domestic cricket team of his native Victoria and the English domestic cricket team for Hampshire, where he was captain for three seasons. However, he is not only a talented cricketer, but has also proven himself to be rather formidable when it comes to playing the game of poker.

During his time as a cricketer, Shane would play poker with his teammates as they travelled around between matches. This gave him the practice to develop his skills and finally take them further, so much so that he is now known throughout the poker world as well as the sporting one.

Those who play regularly on the partycasino site or at casinos, will know his name as a result of his abilities around the table and he has participated in many major tournaments over the years.

Many other sporting stars also dabble in this popular card game, from football players to NFL stars. It provides entertainment while they are waiting for their sporting seasons to begin or as they travel from place to place. It is a good way of keeping your mind active and you only need a few people to play it.

Shane played cricket professionally for more than 15 years. He still takes part in this area of sport, providing commentary and analysis for many important games. He also founded The Shane Warne Foundation, a charity that supports ill and underprivileged children. He works hard to help them live full lives and is always coming up with new money-raising ideas.

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