Singing with Barmy Army Ashes Melbourne 2010

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25 Responses to “Singing with Barmy Army Ashes Melbourne 2010”

  1. ninyae Says:

    Aw, c’mon, you guys love hitting our beaches.

  2. KirkhamWesham Says:

    Rather have our rain than droughts, bush fires etc. Wouldn’t swap our climate for the world.

  3. NZenglishman Says:

    his name is Jimmy Saville

  4. msduicp Says:

    who is the guy leading the singing. he is nearly every you tube video for the barmy army

  5. avahowarth Says:

    so proud to be english

  6. avahowarth Says:

    i love england!

  7. ninyae Says:

    There’ll always be a New Guinea, While there’s a Sepik River……

  8. ninyae Says:

    I assume you mean Beer bowl poorly. Yes, we are a sad side to watch now. Oh well, I hope you have had a great time, just take some of that rain back with you when you go. QLD has turned into an ocean.

  9. matt2house Says:

    its too late we’re already here enjoying the summer and drinking your beer and watching the beer ball poorly lol ;p

  10. syrusdavirus08 Says:


  11. poppycoke12 Says:

    grow up

  12. poppycoke12 Says:

    bitter aussies do not exist

  13. SuperKippax Says:

    best fans in all the world,i salute you.there will always be an england. 

  14. redders109 Says:

    Must of been great to see all those bitter Aussies get stuffed in there own back yard! Least wen England win lose or draw our fans are always there to support our country more than any of u Aussies can say!!

  15. SlockNCFC191 Says:

    Whereas you get to stick with a variety of lovely creatures that are all well capable of making you die in various slow, debilitating and hellishly agonising ways 😀

    And don’t knock snow ’till you’ve tried it, snowball fights are much fun 😀

  16. ninyae Says:

    A convict is a man with convictions! Good luck to you, good to see your side coming good.
    Now off back to those lovely winters of yours and at least the dollar has improved against the pound! Above parity against the yankee dollar!

  17. MrNottsCounty Says:

    absolutely, ran into several forest fans and a nice as county fan - nottingham folk are alright 🙂

  18. SlockNCFC191 Says:

    A fellow pie in Australia huh? 😀

  19. SlockNCFC191 Says:


  20. joshuarees2006 Says:

    skippy is a pommy, skippy is a pommy, la la la la, la la la

  21. TheSlickrick86 Says:

    if i hear aussie, aussie, aussie one more time!
    aussie crowd absolute no idea how to chant, go the barmy army.
    good work lads 

  22. syrusdavirus08 Says:

    easy now convict ! !

  23. Sem5626 Says:

    wheres can we play you every week?

  24. ninyae Says:

    Dear Pommy Mongrels, Congratulations to the England side for retaining the Ashes. A long time coming and well fought for by a good side. Our domination was harming the game I think, now it’s the turn of others.
    Now piss off back to pommy mongrel land before this feeling of generosity disappears.

  25. MrNottsCounty Says:

    im aussie and i had a great time in the barmy army