The Ashes 2010 Test4 Day1 – Earl of Twirl – Hugh Jackman & Shane Warne

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21 Responses to “The Ashes 2010 Test4 Day1 – Earl of Twirl – Hugh Jackman & Shane Warne”

  1. TheTurksMusic Says:

    one dislike out of 12,000 views jeez!

  2. TheCricketMan100 Says:

    The dislike was probaly Hugh Jackman because he didn’t like the part he got hit in the balls!

  3. karlvorderman Says:

    Check out the book ‘The Ashes, 1945-2005, A Complete Record’ by Tony Wagtar.

  4. tariqz118 Says:

    Hes a good player hits the ball cleanly!

  5. hislopenator Says:

    that flippers came out flat as a pancake. aren’t the meant to be floated up

  6. mudchair16 Says:

    Don’t rub’em, count’em.

  7. AlexBarton94 Says:

    why cant English coverage be this entertaining – rather than David Gower trying to be funny, limiting viewing to just the cricket.

  8. chunkz1187 Says:

    Who was the Earl in the Sydney test?

  9. mpdp85 Says:

    Haha all you dumbasses that think warne was actually trying.. He is bowling at 40% of normal speed and as soon as he puts an ounce of effort in hugh either misses it completley or gets hit in the nuts.

  10. EnigmaticMayur Says:

    Deliberate under performance , pakistanesque stuff from Warny 😀

    Jackman looked cool in beard though 😉

  11. rishabhpb Says:

    @dceptv85 it’s quite obvious that i was kidding… all legspinners like Warne and Kumble are my heroes, because i’m one too. there’s at least one other good spinner in O’Keefe that the aussies aren’t using yet.

  12. dceptv85 Says:

    @rishabhpb … Cant you see how slow he was bowling to him? The last bowl he sent a proper flipper down at the very end and he didnt come close to hitting it. Thats Warne bowling properly. He can drift it so far across, not like hes going to send his best balls down in a fun comp.

  13. ghostzulu Says:

    warne bowled shit on purpose. Obviously when hes bowling for real, he can drift the ball a long way. Anyway, Adam Gilchrists one is good, by any chance you have it?

  14. rishabhpb Says:

    so it’s official, australia has NO good spinners. even Warne’s getting stick from Hugh Jackman.

  15. ShadowTeam01 Says:

    @justin619comodas You are gay, asshole.

  16. justin619comodas Says:

    that gay

  17. justin619comodas Says:

    yeh i agree!!!!!!!!

  18. crick3thighlights Says:

    maybe hugh should of been in the Australian batting line-up. that way Australia might of actually been able to pass 100…

  19. nDANGA02 Says:

    cool 🙂 cheers for uploading. i missed this

  20. sexandgromit Says:

    this was fun. thanks for uploading.

  21. RahulDravid786 Says:

    great stuff cheers 4 uploadin