The Ashes 2nd Test Highlights 2010-11 Adelaide [HD 1920x1080p]

Video Score: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “The Ashes 2nd Test Highlights 2010-11 Adelaide [HD 1920x1080p]”

  1. newson7248 Says:

    im surprised haddin caught the ball when cook snicked it sometimes haddin cant even catch a cold

  2. 555hugs Says:

    that bell cover drive at 09:37, beautiful

  3. theuglyhairmonster2 Says:

    australia looked more like england here and england more like australia.

  4. theuglyhairmonster2 Says:

    not that it would have made a huge difference in this series, CA had a chance to bring better players into the side but they didn’t, at the very least they could have made more of scrap for the series.

  5. jhfh3112 Says:

    2:42 “They didn’t have much bowling to do over the last few days at Brisbane”.

    And what if Ally cook’s tired, eh? No thought for him?

    Oh no, wait, he isn’t human. Carry on.

  6. flipsidedogchop Says:

    @MrSheffield8 very!

  7. MrBen51309 Says:


    It looked pretty clean to me. Lol what are you complaining about, you won that match by an innings.

  8. HSimon1981 Says:

    How James Anderson bowled those first few balls were really good, full length and moving away from the right handers and committing them to shots where they couldn’t pull out.

  9. ben9DB Says:

    Can he hit him? He can!

  10. ben9DB Says:

    I love that first wicket – “can he him him??? He can!”. Then I went ecstatic.

  11. MrSheffield8 Says:

    Is it offensive to people with downs syndrome to tell them they look like Doug Bollinger?

  12. MrSheffield8 Says:

    @neilus I believe he’s called Punter because he enjoys gambling on greyhound races. Rather ironic really, seeing as his captaincy style could be improved by gambling a bit more.

  13. whereszorro Says:

    if theres grass on the wicket, the boys can play cricket. oh no wait, they cant

  14. IAMLS360 Says:

    ‘I assume that you wanna spend alot of time at the crease today i’ll bet?’

    ‘would be nice to yeah it is a lovely day’

    In for three minutes then out.

    Enjoy the sun Ricky?

  15. narayanbal Says:

    one of the best video

  16. neilus Says:

    forgive my ignorance but why is Ponting known as “punter” (amongst other things;whinging c?)t, stroppy bastard etc…)

  17. matty17wba Says:

    the only dislike was from an aussie

  18. krishm16 Says:

    Jonathin Trott is a great batsman!

  19. karlvorderman Says:

    Check out the book ‘The Ashes, 1945-2005, A Complete Record’ by Tony Wagtar.

  20. theskilled99 Says:

    good times

  21. saintcasper91 Says:

    Doesn’t Clarke ground the ball at 6:54??!!

  22. theuglyhairmonster2 Says:

    1st wicket kattich was ball watching…idiot, 2nd wicket.. I said oh no, 3rd wicket i turned the tv OFF

  23. kniphofia Says:

    Strauss “Get 2 or 3 Australian wickets early”. Love it!

  24. mattyj6453789 Says:

    Ricky Ponting at the toss: “Yeah it’s important we start the game very well.”
    Well Ricky, that kind of failed…..

  25. TakerBatistaHBK Says:

    These videos which group all 5 days together are the best cricket videos on youtube!