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25 Responses to “ENGLAND CRICKET TEAM SUCK! (27.11.10 – DAY 292)”

  1. ultimatedynamo1 Says:

    hahahahahahaha bet u suffer from premature ejaculation aswell dont u fatty. this sort of vid makes the ashes win even better. poor old aussies, gonna say they only care bout the 1 day series anyway. mugs

  2. westham1080 Says:

    how did England get on fat boy? God delt u a bum hand didn`t he.

  3. MattFTW123 Says:

    Eat your words fatty

  4. muttonhead90 Says:

    it’s funny that only you can smell the ashes coming back. may be you should show your team what the recipe of success is in your cooking channel. then may be, they too will get a whiff.

  5. winchuni22 Says:

    517-1 Maybe you should concentrate on your bowling rather than us. Tossers.

  6. ohiocait3 Says:

    i think it is sooooo funny when you put on cricket games cuz i have absolutely nooooooooo clue what is going on!! haha 🙂

  7. SuperKaboom123 Says:

    shut you fat shit, your nothing wand we are killing you at the ashes. suck a dick :L

  8. MajidAli2k8 Says:


  9. pjjlfc1981 Says:


    LOL, you’re bowlers are awful, especially that Mitchell Johnson.
    Pray to god they don’t drop him, we need as many shit players on the convicts side as possible.

  10. Raphcoll Says:

    hmm hey nick whats the channel you have the cooking show on?

  11. mroeyjay Says:

    Hi nicko

  12. bectom40 Says:

    Oh that’s weird. My daughter has a toy unicorn called sparkles too. 😕

  13. takeawaygirl1111 Says:

    @NickosBLOG woop woop! lol

  14. 1GOD1JESUS Says:

    shame he missed the double, oh yeah, england do suck

  15. ajohnsonlive Says:

    This time last week I was getting ready to go to briztube, time does fly 🙂

  16. iainmac2 Says:

    BTW Nicko, if you found that flight hard…try the 13 hours to Dubai I just did!

  17. iainmac2 Says:

    Right, that’s it! As a proud Englishman I am now unsubscribing! (just kidding of course)

  18. Reddylion Says:

    cute video. lol… can see 2 teeth lol

  19. karmagirl74 Says:

    I’m with Immy, I’d be leaving the room too if cricket was on .. yawn!!! lol 😀

  20. joannenclayton Says:

    We cant wait for you and your family Nicko to go over to Noosaville and play a few rounds of pool with Pete 😉

  21. DibbersPage Says:

    As i’m someone who has rented rooms to Aussies i understand the cricket deal, it was always crazy in the house when England played Australia at cricket or rugby, we drank together but also called eachother names, it was all in good fun. Dont forget it wasnt so long ago the Aussie team was smashed to pieces when they played us in the UK. hahahhaaha only joking Bro. This Pom knows the score when it comes to cricket and rugby so no hard feelings there Nicko H&R

  22. katiebaby1 Says:

    this pom is begining to not like u nicko 😛 so *blows a raspberry* to u ha

  23. MongooseFreeRider Says:

    Come on Immy ya know england cant be anywhere near as good to watch as a Nickos Blog lol

  24. stalker1414 Says:

    lol the only thing England could win is a ripping of its own people comp
    lol 1st prize to rip-off Briton

  25. kegs666 Says:

    omg i remember having one of those couches