The Ashes 2010 Series England Summary & Highlights

Movie Ranking: five / five

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11 Responses to “The Ashes 2010 Series England Summary & Highlights”

  1. Jim Hulbert Says:

    The aussies standing there at 3.24 make this video.

  2. Tj Singh Says:

    cant wait for next years ashes,even though i live in New Zealand go England

  3. Iain Little Says:

    No disrespect to the Ozzlers*, but this is superb – fits the tune so well.
    Oh happy times, thanks for uploading. *not that they’ll be watching now
    it’s got England in the title of course.

  4. Matthew Wilson Says:

    that’s the only way to treat Australians, it’s the only thing they
    understand. Stick the knife in and twist hard, it’s what they’ve done for
    years, and they HATE it up em…


    Ponting is a Wanker. Thumbs up if you agree!

  6. Brian Lynch Says:

    @Chrishugbow Thanks for that. I’ve changed the title to show that this
    really an English highlights package. Cheers

  7. Cloress1 Says:

    haha until Swann retires… the Aussies are fucked even at home. I guess
    its only one more tour over there for him. Clearly though, England have
    been shafted for years, but though many of the Aussies are bloody good
    sports, I stick 2 fingers up to those wankers who aren’t.

  8. Tom Williams Says:

    Really well made video.

  9. Simon Hodges Says:

    @Chrishugbow they were the only ones worth watching 😉

  10. jhfh3112 Says:

    I lol’d at the close up of Ponting on “He’s born a liar, he’ll die a

  11. Chrishugbow Says:

    you only show Englands highlights